Tips For Improved Performance While Video Conferencing!

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“This makes the probability of success only 33% !!


“The only way, you will increase the probability of success  up to 66% is by understanding how to manage the conditions and achieve good performance during VC demonstrations / installations “

While demonst rating or installing VC equipment, people may face certain performance issues. It is important to note here that there are many variable factors that determine a good VC performance and the most crucial of these factors are ambient light, ambient noise and network. These factors become much more apparent while using fixed focus cameras as with higher performing cameras, one can to some extent , overcome these issues temporarily by using their PTZ features. However, this is at best a temporary solution only and the best way to produce consistently good performance is by paying attention to the following”


Ambient Light: Everyone using mobile phones to capture photos and videos are completely familiar with the importance of lighting in getting a good photo / video but tend to ignore the same while using a VC device and expect the VC camera to achieve good results in all conditions. Please note that VC camera is also an optical device and behaves in the same way as a mobile camera and following points need to be taken into consideration for an efficient performance.


Lighting levels: Lighting plays an important role in capturing good video. Adequate light level should be provided for the cameras to be effective. Extremely high light levels tend to produce white / faded images whereas inadequate light levels produce dark images.


Lighting position / glare: It is important to ensure that camera does not face light source. Light source in the room should rather be directed towards the presenter facing the camera. Ceiling lights tend to throw light on the heads and cause dark shadows on the faces,thereby adversely impacting the video performance.


Ambient Noise: It is difficult to achieve good quality audio even in specialised studios. Depending on the conditions,this can require very careful and sometimes professional attention. Use of hard surfaces like glass and stone in the room tends to create problems with audio. Wherever possible, soft padding including use of curtains and cushioning material will help in producing good results.


Network Strength and Stability: Signal strength and stability is extremely important in producing a great VC experience. Not only local network but signals at the remote end also play a very crucial role in achieving good results.


If the VC performance is not as good as you expected, do not assume that the equipment is at fault before you have checked the environment!!

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