Huddle Room Audio Visual (AV) Solutions

Huddle Room AV Solutions

Huddle Room AV Solutions

Today when the office space has become a premium commodity, to save cost, a Huddle Room is a very economical and practical solution. Many organizations in the world are opting for this and apart from having a large conventional conference room also have few Huddle Rooms. It normally has a capacity to accommodate 6 to 8 persons and is quite a private meeting area. Space gets more intimate resulting in better collaboration of participants.

We at Ceeco Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offer some very efficient and productive AV solutions for such small spaces. Our Ricoh short throw PJ RX 300, PJ X4340 and Ricoh ultra short throw PJ WX4152, PJ WX 4152N, PJ WX4152 NI projectors are the right answers for these rooms. Install the Ultra Short Throw projector within centimetres of the surface where the projection is intended and exhibit smart and fascinating presentations, images and videos with immense quality and no distortions like glare or shadows. Get large HD displays with 1280×800 WXGA resolution. With the merging of 3500 lumens and outstanding contrast ratios up to 13000:1 gets brilliant images with sharper contrasts between light and dark colours.

 Another must have for a Huddle Room is an Interactive Board and we offer a choice of 3 models- Ricoh D5500, Ricoh D6500 and Ricoh D8400 – each with unique features. Using the advantage of touchscreen one can edit, resize, erase and save. Screen content can be saved right away to USB memory, sent to a printer or forwarded via email as a PDF file.

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