How Wire Free Microphones can be a Solution for Event Planners?

In today’s time, when event management is thriving as a huge business, many event planners are depending on wireless microphones for indoor/outdoor gathering. Whether it’s a concert, or a daytime talk show, in the Zumba class, or at school talent show, you’ve certainly seen someone using a wireless microphone.

In earlier era, when stage performers used mics with cords, they were constantly flipping their cords to avoid tripping over it. However, with inception of wire free microphones, performing live on stage has become a lot easier due to its ease of use and hence, mics with cables have become a talk of the past.

What differentiate the cable mic from wire free microphones?

One of the biggest and self-explanatory differences is one works with the cord and other does not. The other significant difference between the two is the way both functions. In a traditional microphone, the sound is converted into electrical audio signal which is then to a sound system via cable. However, with in the professional wire free microphone system, you need a transmitter and a receiver to send radio signals to sound system. This helps is easier mobility on the stage.

Benefits of using a wire free microphone for events

If you are working in an event management company, you definitely want to use wireless systems to plan and execute the show in better manner.

Easier mobility– This is by far the biggest advantage of going wireless. Your presenters don’t have to worry about stage clutter or tripping over wires. They can easily move from one end to other and without disrupting any sound quality.

Better sound quality – Since, stage performers have to constantly move on the stage, there is a good possibility of audio-drop offs during the movement. However, wireless microphones are attached to the performer. Hence, the mic will turn or move according to the user. This helps in providing cleaner sound as compared to the traditional mics.

Convenient to use – Most of the wireless microphones are hands free, this makes its inconspicuous and easy to use. During concerts, singers have to dance to the songs to keep the audience engaged and entertained. How would you like your favourite singer juggling on the stage with mic in one hand? Hence, hand free microphones are highly beneficial for such events. Even if you are planning an indoor event like a forum where you are looking for audience participation, wireless microphones are very helpful. You would not like to carry long wires to audiences to voice their questions.

Easier communication in group– Event planning involves dozens of workers and requires regular movements to manage the event. Organizers don’t expect to conduct meetings every time they have a critical situation at hand. These wireless headsets work best in such scenario. Event heads can easily communicate within their team and address problems quickly.

Undoubtedly, over the last decade, wire free microphones have become a favourite amongst event planners or organizers & “Micker Pro”- an “All in one Mike + Amplifier + Speaker” fulfils the need of people in above and many other similar situations.

“Micker Pro” is a sleek, portable yet powerful sound system that is easy to carry and use. Its light weight and ergonomic design makes it a product of choice for teachers, scientists, office administrators, social and political workers etc. An easy to charge Lithium Ion battery ensures that its full power is available whenever and wherever required.

Main features of “Micker Pro” are:

  • One & only one patented technology
  • Manufactured in Korea-CE certified
  • Powerful 10W dual speakers
  • Specialized dual mike design, outstanding direction of sound
  • Echo option function
  • Usable indoor and outdoor for small gatherings
  • User friendly with ergonomic and elegant design
  • Easy to carry in daily use handbags / briefcases
  • Fatigue free use
  • Robust and outstanding design finishing

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