Why Micker- Pro is Perfect Wireless Microphone?

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Keeping pace with ever changing technology, we at Ceeco Technologies Pvt. Ltd. have brought to you yet another little piece of marvel called Micker-PRO wireless microphone. This extraordinary wireless microphone will leave you amazed. You need to use it yourself to believe it. Whenever we need to use a microphone for a conference room, automatically images of an amplifier and speakers and a bundle of wires flash through our mind. But no more.

Micker-Pro is Three in one Wireless Microphone

Why? Because Micker-PRO is a dynamic three-in-one device having a dual speaker and an amplifier built in it and without any wires it is totally wire free. Another hassle that  is normally faced is looking for electrical sockets to plug in the speaker and the amplifier which at times are placed at very inconvenient locations and then the wires crisscrossing  the floor but Micker-PRO does not require any electricity as it runs on a 1100 mAh Lithium ion battery that lasts for six to seven hours. The battery can be charge in about two and half hours. It can use for long hours with automatic sleep mode.

This device easy to carry from anywhere to anywhere. A truly portable system weighing a mere 300 gms. And only 26 cm. long. What could be more convenient!!!  It backed by solid technology of Korea and is CE certified to give you flawless performance. This device gives stable quality of sound with no directional loss and has three level volume adjustment. It is even fitted with a howling suppression function. What is best is that multiple users can use it simultaneously without causing any kind of complication. It is very comfortable grip. It comes with a pouch, a strap and a charging cradle. There could not be a device easier to operate than Micker-PRO. This wireless microphone is so user friendly that even a child can operate it with ease. It is perfectly suited for indoor as well as outdoor gatherings. It is a complete solution in itself

Micker pro is most suitable for:

Travel and Tourism                        In museums, historical places and tourist buses

Education Sector                             Tuition Centers, School/College Class Rooms, Kindergartens

Training Centers                              In indoor as well as outdoor training classes

NGOs                                                 Internal trainings, Street plays or shows

Corporate World                              Board rooms and Huddle rooms, Conference rooms and in seminars

Political World                                 Addressing gatherings

Personal                                           Outings and picnics, Musical parties, Bon fires

Sports                                               Track and field events

Religious Places                               Addressing congregations

Be a pro with Micker-PRO.

How to Use Wireless Microphone- Micker-pro?


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